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Privacy Policy

The personal information of customers we collect (referred to as “personal information” hereafter) is handled as described below:
  1. We handle personal information appropriately as described on the"Privacy Policy" page(
  2. We train our employees, assign managers in each division or department who handle personal information from customers, and ensure personal information is managed properly by managers.
  3. We handle personal information for the following scope of use:
    1. To provide our products and services (visit for more information on products and services, the same shall apply hereafter), to maintain and manage such services (not only such services but also contracts related to such services), and to respond to inquiries and requests from customers.
    2. To release information on our products and services by email, postal mail, phone calls or site visits.
    3. To release information which may benefit customers on products and services of subsidiaries, Kawasaki group companies(as described in business partners by email, postal mail, phone calls or site visits. Customers can stop personal information from being released in these notices upon request to stop using the personal information for such announcement in the manner described separately. (This purpose of use is applied the personal information we collected after November 1, 2006.)
    4. To promote seminars and other events we hold.
    5. To conduct surveys or summarize and analyze such surveys to improve on our existing products and services or to develop new products and services.
    6. To disclose to third parties with the prior consent of the customer or where permitted by law. (This purpose of use is applied to the personal information we collected after November 1, 2006.)
    7. Other purposes of use where the customer was notified gave prior consent.
  4. We may use personal information in the scope of the purpose of use above beyond the termination of a contractor with a customer.
  5. When collecting personal information from a third party, we obtain the personal information in an appropriate way by confirming the prior consent of the person in question for use by the third party, etc.
  6. In the event of changes to the purpose of use described in clause 3, we announce the changed purpose of use in a manner deemed appropriate by sending email and posting an announcement on our website, etc., excluding those permitted by law.
  7. In the event we outsource our operations to business partners in whole or in part, we may disclose personal information on customers for the scope of the purpose of use described in clause 3. For outsourcing personal information-related operations, we only select business partners which satisfy our expressed criteria, conclude an agreement regarding personal information protection with those business partners, and supervise them accordingly.
  8. We shall not disclose personal information of customers to third parties except in the following situations:
    1. When the customer consented, we select an appropriate third party which satisfies our expressed criteria, conclude a non-disclosure agreement with the third party, and take appropriate actions therein.
    2. When disclosing by law (including but not limited to cooperating in investigations requested by the police and other law enforcement agencies), the personal information shall be disclosed only where permitted by relevant law.
    3. Where permitted by law.
  9. Personal information shall be disclosed and provided within a lawful range to financial institutions, attorneys and other persons where deemed necessary when the disclosure is required to identify and collect debts the customer must pay to us for the use our services and linked services.
  10. We use “cookies” in some of our websites. A cookie is a program to save certain data (such as the date and time you last visited our website, the website visit count, etc.) in your computer by writing the data temporarily through our websites. Cookies are used for customers to view our websites conveniently when you visit our websites again, and are not used to collect your personal information, violate your privacy, or inflict damage your computer.
  11. The contact for personal information is as follows:
    Sales Division Phone: +81-537-27-1791 Fax: +81-537-27-1716

For inquiries not related to personal information, use other contacts described on our websites, etc.

Enacted November 1, 2006
Revised July 31, 2013